Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Seattle to Tahoe and Back - Part Two

Part Two... Highway 36. From Fortuna on the coast to Red Bluff where 36 crosses I-5, the road is a playground. I found myself wondering who followed a drunken goat when they built this road. The centerline appears and disappears at random, 4th gear sweepers change up into 1st gear hairpins, you climb up the side of a valley only to drop back down into the same valley and cross the same river. Took us a full afternoon to ride this little stretch, we stopped often and laughed/wondered/hooted/regrouped.

James loving the ride...

1st gear uphill tight righthander...yeehaw!

John and his Valkyrie playing wingman...

Look at those curves....

Stopped for some construction... I can see the smiles even through the helmets...

Group shot halfway through. This was a cliffside, tight, twisty section, rivalling the backside of Mt. St. Helens here in Wa. for bike heaven status.

Twists and turns EVERYWHERE.

Nearing I-5, the shadows started getting long. We wanted to get to the campsite before dark, as setting up in the dark's a pain, as well as the increased deer danger at dusk. The road turned into a mellow rollercoaster, curving and dipping though the golden hills. Perfect pavement, excellent signage for those few 20mph turns, otherwise it was flowing incredibly well. Got some air of a few rises, loving the feeling of being at one with the bike, eating up the distance smoothly and efficiently.

Two shots of this one was marked slow, but the initial off-camber top was completely covered with gravel... a bit unnerving after an otherwise pristine 20 miles or so. Everyone made it through, though.

Over the shoulder shot, light was cooperating.

John, following my lines.

No comment.

This shot was taken the next morning as we awoke. We did get set up before dark, however. The old guy running the campground recommended a good Mexican place, but it ended up being relocated/closed. We went to a nearby Appleby's, met a guy who let us know that Reno's "Street Vibrations" was this weekend. Riding back to the campsite, a chopper tagged us with his spotlight, lighting up the entire area. They actually followed us into the campsite, spotlight blazing and rotorwashing the trees. Odd, guess the cops get bored in Red Bluff. Went to sleep with the promise of, " More 36 ". in our heads.

End of part two. Hey, I do have a life too!


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