Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Seattle to Tahoe and Back - Part Three

Part Three... Still in Red Bluff, California. We fueled at McDonalds again, and headed out for more of the wonderful Highway 36. We'd decided not to take the spur up to Mount Lassen as originally planned, we'd put it into our return plans rather that go 80 miles out of our way.

It was cold and clear, Highway 36 east of I-5 is a different animal near Lassen National park land. LONG, straight stretches, not much to do or see for miles. I was toasty in my heated Gerbing jacket, but the guys without heat were suffering.

Golden grass, rough hewn rocks strewn about. Almost like there was a volcano around.

One of my longest stretch submissions.

My favourite shot of the whole trip. I was bored, playing with the camera, taking multiple pics all around. ( Digital is a great medium.) Going through the pics later, this crisp reflection appeared. I like.

Turns out James had family obligations and had to cut the trip short. We were stopped here for a one lane bridge anyway, we decided to take the last " Group of four " shots.

James, good riding with you. Hope the rest of your trip was OK. P.S. He's the guy in the White helmet.

Pushing on with just three riders, we came to this sign, letting us know we weren't far....Keep it in mind....

The next 30 miles were warm, dry, good pavement, sweepers following a river down through a beautiful vally. Cruising speed, just really enjoying the day. Below, interesting solution of rail and highway crossing.

Small power plant, interesting placement for the capacitors and grid.

Short tunnels. I like revving the lightly muffled valk in these, the reverbations echoing up and down the road. I could see Sim laughing and nodding in his helmet as we rode through.

A short train came through the valley the same time we did. I like this shot, the colors of stained rock, the train overhead.

Swooping through the turns.

Got a shot of the engine coming through at a pretty little rest stop.

Looking upriver at the same little stop.

So, seems the stop and the road is a popular biker destination. Two riders were already there, two more pulled in as we relaxed. I struck up a conversation with one of the guys, this is his backyard. We chatted a bit, then I wandered off, taking pics. John kept talking to the guy....

Stay tuned for part four...


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