Thursday, February 08, 2007

They're doing it!!

Actually releasing the street legal three-wheeler shown below. There were rumors, spy shots, similar efforts by other companies, but the new Can-Am Spyder is coming. Parented by Bombardier with a Rotax v-twin, it'll even be affordable, as in under 15g's. As opposed to the Campagna T-Rex trike that goes for about 50.

There's a pretty poorly written "road test" here, but read it for the specs, not the impression. I'm surprised the NY Times even printed it. For example, the "tester/journalist" has never driven a stick shift, let alone a motorcycle?!

There is, of course, a flash-based teaser page here (the music's pretty bad) but it's devoid of info until the release. Wondering, though, if it is driven by an 106 hp Aprilia twin, if a full-power Mille engine at 140-150hp would easily swap in?



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