Sunday, April 30, 2006

Killboy's site has some cool shots this week.... A small group of scooters ran through, looks like fun. Imagine you and 3-4 of your buddies running through the curves, throttles pinned, floorboards scraping the tarmac, topping out at just under the speed limit. Admit it, you'd like it.

Look at the concentration on this guy... great lane position, good body position, the sun glinting just right off that orange paint. Nice to see gloves and a fullface, too. Nice pic.

O.K., here how NOT to do it. Dirt tracking a sportster on pavement is not good thing, you can't pick up 500 pounds of sliding Harley with your foot, it's a better idea to stay with the bike, become part of it like his buddy behind him is doing. Little too close, but much better form.

I've posted Killboy's link lots in previous posts, I'm primarily a lazy guy, so if you want more, scroll down a bit and click the link in another post.

About this pic...Nice moves, nice shot. That's all I have to say.

So, there I was, minding my own business, looking for a parking spot so I could go see the roller derby friday night, when, I round a corner and there's a Delorean parked curbside. "Cool", I say, as I drive around the next row of cars to take another look. My buddy in the passenger seat says, " You know, I think there's only two of them in all Seattle...."

As we round the corner and see there are indeed two of the "futurecars".

Seventies aesthetic and stainless bodywork...

Neat Plate..

I never knew just how low these were...

Want more??

More?? Delorean

Even More????....... too bad. Google it yourself.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More cool ads... The Duracell one has my mind in the gutter...maybe that's the point??

I like the creative imagery in the bleary cabin in the airline ad.

Finally, a tiny video of a beer ad. Reminds me of the game " Mousetrap ". A small quicktime movie.

Another "Not Quite Right" pic.

This is Jim Fueling's W3. 2.3l, 150hp.

Uses a minimum of unique parts, most are off the shelf pieces. Capability to go to almost 4l displacement.

Too bad Jim passed away in 2002.

Motorcycle Cruiser has a story about him back in 2000.

I like this kind of engineering.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Something missing? Look at the front wheel. Found a site where they'll build a single sided front end for you. Don't know about the handling, or even the looks, but it's a hint of different where everything about bikes today seems to be converging to the same design conclusion.

The site is Riwi Produkts ,Their gallery shows a few Speed Triples and a Vmax with the fork. Only hitch? They're in Austria. No, the one WITHOUT the kangaroos.
Just a random image that caught my eye. No more, no less. Shamelessly stolen from

Deviant Art.

O.K., here's an inane product.. a powered "hula" chair.

Purported to energize you, it apparently rotates your butt for you.

At only 200.00, what a deal!!!

Or...try the alternative...a bar stool at your local bar, where you can turn your OWN rear end, plus enjoy a beverage or two with the 200 bucks you just saved.

Here's the
site if you just have to have one.

Monday, April 24, 2006

This car is a MegaBusa. Westfield makes a range of super 7ish cars with a huge range of options, from an economical 4 cyl to a supercharged V8.

Light weight, go-cart handling. Fun little cars.

The one on the left happens to be powered by one of my favorite powerplants, a Suzuki Hayabusa.

Check out a few Videos.

Here's the Site.

Another Knifeblock image....This time it's a cool ad for the knives themselves... clever.
This is a great idea.... Own a club? get a stamp like this.....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just have to bring attention to a site I recently's a tech lover's dream site, and their spouse's nightmare.

Every day, they highlight one item and sell it... for one day. Usually an electronic/computer/geek toy.

Here's a cut'n'paste from their site...

" is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap. It started as an employee-store slash market-testing type of place for an electronics distributor, but it's taken on a life of its own. We anticipate profitability by 2043 by then we should be retired; someone smarter might take over and jack up the prices. Until then, we're still the lovable scamps we've always been. We sell one item per day until it is sold out or until 11:59pm central time when it is replaced (see next entry for details). However, each item we sell is in stock and typically ships within 2-3 business days. "

The GPS pictured, for example, is today's buy at $ 99.00.

Wanna play? Click Here.
Solidworks is a popular Computer Aided Design (CAD) software package.

To make stuff, though, you used to have to "Draw" dimensions and objects...not so easy for odd shapes or one-off parts.

The thing you're looking at will fix all that, it's a 3D scanner from NextEngine that plugs into your USB port and allows you to create 3d objects in Solidworks. Need a huge piece to scale but only have a model? No problem. Have an old/nonfunctional/irreplaceable part? No problem. Scan it directly into the software.

$2500 bucks to buy in means that little machine shops and even individuals can now offer accurate work (.005 inches) at reasonable prices without having to order 1000 units.

Monday, April 17, 2006

THis great piece of photoshop is an entry into one of's many contests.

Some skilled artists out there. Gotta register to view the fullsize pics, but it's free to browse and login.

The "Childhood Renaissance" is particularly good.....

So, as I probably noted before, is having a " money shot" contest.

The pic of the BIG jump to your left is this week's winner.

This nice little mode of transportation is an Ariel Atom.

Don't know if I'd choose one as my first choice for playing in the snow, as there's esentially NO bodywork, but everywhere else it'd be fun.

Built in the UK, using a perimeter frame and a Honda/Acura based motor putting out 200hp or so.

Top Gear recently reviewed one, liked it a lot.

I like the go-cartedness of it, I bet I could lose my license in less than an hour.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Haven't done any riding recently that deserves a photo, so here's a pic and a
Video clip of me playing in the fallen leaves last fall.

The area is VERY close to Seattle, and is an upscale residential neighborhood, so you have to be aware of the probality that someone'll pull out in front of you. Nice road, nice pavement, nice scenery.

The police have recently started to patrol more frequently, but, as creatures of habit, tend to stay in the same few locations. But... Fair warning if you decide to try this road.

Killboy's Blog the other day,

The shot to the right caught my eye.

Great photo, the guy's got excellent body position, you can see the concentration in his eyes, the composition of the pic's great, everything about this guy looks smooth, fast and in control.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

These pics just
seem to go together well.

Mountain bikes, if you haven't
been following the evolution, are now pretty sophisticated,
allowing you to hurt yourself in a multitude of ways, but even
more amazing, to accomplish feats and challenges that would
usually put you in the hospital.

You can select bikes which have up to 12 inches of travel on
both ends, or go light and fast with a crosscountry race
machine that weighs less than 20 lbs. Or choose from the
multitude of combinations and permutations between that fit
your definition of the perfect set of wheels. Hydraulic disc
brakes, 27 gears, 3 inch wide tires, tubeless rims, ceramic
matrix has reached the bicycle.

I love mountainbiking, I've broken more that my share of
frames before I found what I needed to keep me on two
wheels... a titanium Cove Hummer.

I found this was the bike for me through an exhaustive
search of the database at
, a huge cache of info. about all things pedal powered.

While on Mtbr one day several years ago, I came across
the postings of a passionate, acerbic guy who goes by
Pete Fagerlin. He's well travelled, articulate, and a
skilled rider, too.

He has his own site, chronicalling his exploits and adventures
from the last 4-5 years, it's rich with pics, video, and
well-written narrative.

All the images on your right are harvested from his
you should Click Here
to go see some of it for yourself.

If you're planning on going to one of these areas,
the many helmetcam videos are particularly tasty
and informative.
" Pssst...dude...your rear tire is off the ground..."
Think you've got some skills? Check out these guys. The sport is supermoto racing, motocross bikes outfitted with big brakes and road tires. Their light weight lets you toss them around, but when you wreck you're not doing 150 mph and can usually get up without a hospital trip, it's also a relatively cheap way to race.
These shots are stolen from a guy named Joe, who posted about 30 of the same from the race HERE.
Nice pics, check them out if you have a little time.

Folding a peg.

Backing it in...nice form.

Close action.

Like Video instead? Different race, different track, some nice footage.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

O.K., it's been a month since my last, " Tunes you should check out" post.....

Here's a few new ones taking up space on my Mp3 player.

No Comment
Ever feel the need to collect 22 junker microwaves?

How about playing with high-voltage circuitry of your own making?

Build a welder that will perform nowhere near as well as a 150.00 store-bought one, with no guarantees, no returns, and no UL/safety listing cause you built it yourself.

Still interested? Dan will show you how for free!!! Or, you can pay a little more and get the "detailed" plans!?!

I'm shaking my head on this one..

P.S. I cannot be held responsible for anyone who follows this link and either burns, electrocutes, microwaves, cuts, maims, or otherwise injures themselves by attempting to follow the directions.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The cool, slightly sick knifeblock you see above is from, an interesting site full of stuff.

I'm thinking a few stick on labels would kelp to personalize the thing, and ensure the blades were put back with adequate force.
It's 8-track tape day April 11th!!!

Actually, I don't know what it means, but there it is.

The Link

Here's a list of the odd "days" in

What's wrong with this pic??.....

I usually just tune out when one of the ubiquitous high speed chases come on the local news, but
This one is a little different...the guy can DRIVE.

He recovers from several pitt maneuvers before he finally bites it, as they all do.

Worth a watch...I'd feel better about him passing me at a high rate of speed than a stereotypical soccer mom yakking on her phone, oblivious to the fact her 4 ton suburban is now occupying half my lane. But, that's just me.

This is a road map of the road/race course that is the Isle of Mann TT, a legendary motorcycle race held on the public roads that wind around the island. The locals love it, it's raw, untamed, dangerous. Speeds reach for the 200mph mark in the mountain sections, the average speed is nearing 130 mph. Rises and irregular pavement engender wheelies and wobbles. someone usually dies.

TAS Suzuki's Bruce Anstey.

Here's a short video of the spectacle that is the TT...
OK, two things from a U.K. "cool stuff" site, I Want One Of Those

The first is this
tissue paper holder in the guise of an Easter Island Head.


This Second one messes with your head in a twisted way... the clock movement runs backward, and the numbers are backward.... I'd hang it at work and watch the confusion...


My Fellow Valkyrie rider, Oz, wrote this " state of the Union" rant about his daily life in California... a cautionary tale.

I don’t do political posts, but I’ve seen so many high paying jobs disappear from the California landscape. It’s time for me to break with my silence and probably get beat up for my opinion, but I don’t care… A little shock treatment for you not living in the big cities like Los Angeles.

Think about Wal-Mart and so many other "American" corporations, think about it they've sent as many jobs overseas as possible and thats not enough now they have both the Democrats and Republicans working for them to help bring in second and third world workers so they don't have to pay Americans a living wage for manual labor type jobs.

Too bad for the disenfranchised in America whole don't have the blessing or the money for a higher education, screw them wanting there 10 to $15 per hour when they can pay some peasant from another country who will gladly work for crap money and be happy with it, to bad for the under educated in America who may have never had a chance to get a college degree.

Next they'll start bring in more then just the peasants from third world countries, they'll start bringing in the semi-educated people form countries like India and South Africa to name a few.

And bend over all the construction workers, if you hang dry wall, frame houses, or are in any of the trades your jobs are next on the chopping block. It has already happen in California, which leads the nation in ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

I'm am hard pressed to find an English speaking roofer, drywall hanger, house framer or just about any other tradesmen who was born here. Watch California, because all this is headed for your town weather you live in Illinois, New England, or especially the south.

American corporations don't want you anymore. I run the F6Rider Store, and have been pushed to ordering my shirts from a vendor in Vermont, one the only T-Shirt builder who still uses English speaking, American born workers. But how long can that last, illegal’s are capable of traveling and will be arriving in your town real soon to take your jobs.

I feel sorry for my kids and grandkids, they don't speak Spanish. Where I work we no longer hire nurses or techs that don't speak Spanish since the majority of our patients can't speak English.

At Queen of the Valley one of our four hospitals 80 percent of our patients can't speak English, they also can't afford care since they don't have insurance in there third world jobs they hold down here in California, so I have to say thank you, you may not be in California but we bill Medi-aid, Medi-Cal programs for their care which in case you don't know you pay through taxes.

Every time the folks in California try to pass a referendum to stop paying for these Illegal’s social programs the politicians and the Catholic Church call us all bigots along with other names for wanting to protect our way of life.

Our employer sends out flyers telling us not to be bigots and to vote down any law that might limit services to illegal’s, of course because we keep Queen going by charging you the tax payer for there care.

In California the schools no longer teach in English, as these illegal’s won't or don't want to learn English. We have two societies living in California, one English speaking that go to private schools and those who can't afford to send their kids to private schools their children get less then a sterling education and when they grow up will be working for crap money and joining the second class... close to slave labor market and paid crap money.

It's the end of the American dream, pray for your children and grand children, they won't have the opportunities we had in getting a decent education, they are relegated to being second class low salary slave type labor to buck up the corporations large profit margins.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm tired of using businesses (most of them) where the employees don't speak English.

And do you think these services using the second class slave labor are cheaper, no... no benefit of companies like car washes, stores and such have passed on their savings to the consumer, they just line there pockets with the extra profit, expect us to pay for social services for these poor souls who have no insurance, decimate our schools with sub standard test scores.

Welcome to George Bush and Hilary Clintons dream for American, a two class society of the have and have not’s.

I share this with you because California is just the beginning, in a few short years you will see whole community’s spring up in your neck of the woods where English is not even a second language.

So goes California goes the rest of the nation, our politicians dream of lining corporation’s pockets so they can buy more politicians to further the invasion of American.

Interesting facts. Spanish speaking folks now constitute the vast majority of Los Angeles County. The top 3 radio stations in popularity are Spanish speaking stations.

Welcome to the United States of Latin American where the politicians serve the corporations before Americans, we cost too much and are going the way of the dinosaurs.

Don't believe me keep watching, there are illegal’s heading for your neck of the woods right now as we speak, screw our founding fathers and there dreams for an America for legal immigrants, the Republicans and Democrats have a plan for you, and that plan doesn't include your well-being.

Sleep tight, for tomorrow your America disappears replaced by third world with cheap slave type labor.

So if you have a job like driving truck, working in a non-highly educated position, there is at this moment an illegal bastard on his way to your state to underbid you and take your job away.

And there is nothing we can do about it, it is George, John, Hilary and all the politicians that plan to make you into a under paid peasant, to replace the American dream with the realities of third world practices such in Mexico, Honduras, Vietnam, India , etc.

Good night America, soon your states will be all California's.

And the politicians could care less about your future and more about their re-elections coffers.

Rant over, just say good-bye to America and the opportunities it supplied, those opportunities are being replace very quickly with cheap illegal peasant workers. The disappearance of our borders is your politicians goal, after all he/she is paid to sell America down the river. just listen to them and thier lame excuses for this abuse.

It all begins with amnesty for the 11 million illegal’s here, criminals who are about to be pardoned for jumping our borders and providing corporate American with cheap labor, and Democrats and Republicans if they want campaign money for re-election better jump on board or they will be feeding slop to the pigs on the corporate run farms.

Good morning America, how are you, well your being invaded with our governments blessing, it’s no longer about what’s best for you and yours but what serves the corporations best, and the best scenario is to push you aside for cheap labor that boosts the corporations’ bottom line.

It’s no longer about you or your family it’s about profit in the global community and Americans make to much money, your democratic or republican representative will fix that.

If you believe anything else but their overzealous drive to turn American into a third world country with a poor working class you are sorely mistaken. Get us to living in tenaments, that is the future the Republicans and Democrats have planned for you.

Unless you can work your way into the elite rich cast system, know somebody with clout, in a few short years based on our political system you are destined to be peasants, get use to it.

I apolgise for the rant, but the end of the American dream has already died in California, your state and community is next.

Parting thought, take a look around your environment, do you see poor folks lined up in front of the Home Depot fighting to jump in your pick up. Again, good night America, where have you gone?

America had a good run but it's over, we're destined to join the global community where pay and quality of life take a back seat to your politicians careers.

I'm Canadian, on a work visa, paying taxes. I believe you should speak the language and follow the laws of the country in which you live.