Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just have to bring attention to a site I recently's a tech lover's dream site, and their spouse's nightmare.

Every day, they highlight one item and sell it... for one day. Usually an electronic/computer/geek toy.

Here's a cut'n'paste from their site...

" is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap. It started as an employee-store slash market-testing type of place for an electronics distributor, but it's taken on a life of its own. We anticipate profitability by 2043 by then we should be retired; someone smarter might take over and jack up the prices. Until then, we're still the lovable scamps we've always been. We sell one item per day until it is sold out or until 11:59pm central time when it is replaced (see next entry for details). However, each item we sell is in stock and typically ships within 2-3 business days. "

The GPS pictured, for example, is today's buy at $ 99.00.

Wanna play? Click Here.