Thursday, July 27, 2006

Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.....

This guy actually took a knife into a gunfight....

From South Aukland, New Zealand.

Machete-wielder shot in gun shop

27 July 2006

A man who took a machete into a South Auckland gun shop today is in hospital, after he was shot in the stomach.
The man was thought to have been shot by someone in the shop about 10am.
Police spokeswoman, Noreen Hegarty said details of the shooting were still vague and she could not say what "the precursor" to him being shot was.
"It would be reasonable to question why he went into the shop with a machete."
It was not known if the man threatened staff in the shop, in Great South Road, in the suburb of Penrose.
"He was shot whilst in the shop and then police were advised of the incident," she said.
It was not known what type of weapon was used.
The shot man was conscious when he arrived at hospital, said police.
The shooting was at Small Arms International, considered to be one of the leading gun shops in the country.
It was at the same address as a company which specialises in firearms auctions and antique gun sales.
Two women who work in nearby buildings said there was no obvious incident.
The first they knew of the shooting was when the police and an ambulance arrived.
"We are right next door and because it is such an industrial area there are big concrete walls between and I didn't hear anything and didn't see anything," said one worker who did not want to be named.
"There wasn't an obvious gunshot or anything like that," she said.
She said going into a gunshop with a machete was not the smartest thing for anyone to do.
Another worker said the first she learned of the incident was when she walked past on her way to the Post Shop and saw the police.

The Actual Story, with a few pics and an audio clip.


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