Thursday, March 16, 2006

So, a story....

Went to dinner this evening with my beautiful wife and another friend who we hadn't seen in a few months.

We laughed, got caught up on the latest gossip, news, etc. while enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant we were all new to.

We were sitting at a booth, savoring the great food, when we heard a loud, " hMMmmPhffff....thud ".

I looked up, and the bar patrons were clustered around the bar, off their stools, looking over the bar at the floor.

Damn... no bartender in sight. I got up, realizing the bartender was probably on the floor. I said, " he's down " to my dinner compratriots. ( P.S...we all work in intensive care units, I'm also a paramedic. )

We all went to the bar. As I turned the corner, there was the bartender, jammed into a tight corner of floor space at the end of the bar, seizing.

I grabbed his ankles, pulled him out into clearer space, turned him onto his side, and supported his head until the seizing stopped. He has a good pulse throughout, and since I could feel his pulse in his wrist, had an adequate blood pressure.

He came to much like all seizure patients do, confused and combative. We got him to sit up, he started talking rationally just as the medics arrived. He had a little cut on his head, and his pupils weren't quite normal, but he was coming around.

We gave them a little report, and left.

It's only much later when I realized I should have made a , " Shaken, NOT Stirred " comment.


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