Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Largest Street Gang in America - A Compilation About Police Brutality in America

Comments from the Author:

"This is the longest video I’ve ever uploaded; hopefully it will be the largest for a while. The content necessitated a slightly longer presentation than normal, since one of my reasons for making it was to see just how much a person could watch before the light comes on and they realize there is a serious problem.

In the end, no one is evil simply by wearing a badge just as no one is honorable for doing the same. The truth is that every individual is responsible for their own actions. And those actions (not an outfit or career) can make men heroes or beasts.

If you want respect; earn it.

As for my fellow citizens that didn't get a job on the Force, you need to take immediate action to turn the tide. If you don't, it will be your children that suffer under an even more oppressive and untouchable force. Soon we may find ourselves in a position where turning the tide is no longer a possibility. What then will you tell your children, when they ask you what you did with your remaining freedoms before turning them over to the whims of the Police State?

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