Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stupidest Awesome Car At 2009 Orphan Car Show: Out-rig Your Mom-In-Law

Imagine traveling along at speed outside the car, just aft of the drivers door and in front of the rear wheel, no seat belt, no shields, no nothin', just you on a seat perched precariously on a slide-out seat. We've never heard of or seem anything this bonkers on a production vehicle before and it sure does give you an idea how far we've come as a safety conscious society. It had to be a surreal design meeting; "Yeah, it's a two seater, but we need space for four as a selling point." (furled brows and furtive glances shoot through the cigarette smoke hanging in the room) "I've got it! We'll put a folding seat on a sliding shelf!" "Brilliant!"

Even with the seats stowed away, the Kissel is actually an extremely handsome car for the era, everything about it is elegantly styled and beautifully finished, hearkening back to a very different kind of luxury in a very different time.

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