Friday, January 02, 2009

The new Spiro Pappas Camaro... the most insane Camaro ever?

Powered by a 540 cubic inch Sonny Leonard hemi-headed big block Chevy assembled by Fast Times Motorworks, the focal point is the pair of 88mm turbos on the front of the engine. No horsepower ratings are public, but driver Nick Scavo points out that it should crack 2500 horsepower without any real boost! The amazing car was built by Skinny Kid Racecars and painted by Performance Restrorations and makes its debut in March at the Memphis NMCA race.

The Fast Times built, Sonny headed, 548 cubic inches, with twin 88's with ONLY 2 pounds of boost( waste gates wide open), it made 1009 horsepower at 7500 and it still hadn't gotten to peak torque, so it looks like the motor will go to 9000-9500 or so and with some boost it should make a little more...

The goal is a reliable 2800 horsepower at only 25lbs of boost.

Here's a shot of what's inside those monster heads... dig the size of the pushrods!


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