Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I like coffee. I'm constantly trying new blends, searching for that elusive combination of richness without bitterness. I'm a little intrigued by Civet coffee, though.

This is a civet...

Civets eat the red, ripe "cherries" covering the coffee bean. They don't digest the bean, though, it ends up coming out the other end.

People collect this bean filled poo, wash it, roast the beans, and sell the resulting coffee for astronomical prices.


The simple answer is the old P.T. Barnum quote, but those who've tried it often state it's the civet's superior selection of berries that are at the peak of their ripeness that makes for the superior cup. I call B.S. Wait....C.S.

Here's an article from someone who's tried it.

I think that Juan Valdez does an ok job of selection, I'm sticking with coffee that hasn't already been consumed.

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