Friday, June 29, 2007

Hey, buy new tires for your bike recently? Hope they're not Michelins.....

Michelin recalls 19,924 motorcycle tires in US, Canada

French tire group Michelin said it was recalling 19,924 motorcycle tires in the U.S. and Canada citing abnormal deformation in the tread, among reasons.

The recall is in effect for two front tire models - Michelin Pilot Power 2CT and Michelin Pilot Power, the company said in a statement.

On June 15, Michelin had said it was recalling some 68,000 motorbike tires in 40 countries in North America and Europe.

The tires also are marked with the Department of Transportation identification numbers DOT 6UCW 980T and DOT 6UCW 979T. The numbers are found on the sidewall of the tire.

Michelin said that at speeds exceeding normal highway riding, the tires in question may exhibit an abnormal deformation in the tread, which may be accompanied by small localized sections of tread separation or loss.

In addition, the recalled tires could experience a slight to excessive vibration and create an unstable riding condition, the company said.

Drivers affected by the action are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Michelin motorcycle tire dealer to have their recalled tire replaced for free.



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