Saturday, May 19, 2007

20 Signs You Might Be A Geek

#1 You collect funny SPAM messages.

#2 You talk to your computers, not because you're bored, but because you're afraid they might be.

#3 Your household ratio of computers to humans is at least 4:1.

#4 You are completely free of tan lines.

#5 When someone says 'organized sports' you think 'LAN party'

#6 You have lost most of your social abilities.

#7 You never used them anyway.

#8 When you must converse with others, you speak a cryptic language of acronyms decipherable only by another geek.

#9 No 'warranty seal' is safe in your presence.

#10 You have a gigantic box of spare cables that you never use.

#11 You could never be convinced to part with it.

#12 You want your 21" Trinitron CRT monitor to be buried with you.

#13 You understand why '42' and 'AYBABTU' are funny, and still laugh at both.

#14 You're afraid of the telephone.

#15 You're always free on Friday night. Free to play your favorite MMORPG

#16 You consider 'Geek' a complement.

#17 Your non geek friends have no idea what you do for a living.

#18 Camping in the woods, without electricity, or wireless access is your idea of a nightmare not a vacation.

#19 You have over 30 E-mail accounts, and check them all regularly.

#20 You understand computers better than people.

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