Sunday, February 25, 2007

Granny accused of stealing a football

From The Telegraph.Co.UK, paper....

A grandmother arrested after being accused of keeping a football that was kicked over her fence is to have her case reviewed.
Police watchdog, the IPCC, has confirmed it is dealing with an appeal by 56-year-old Angela Hickling about the handling of her arrest on suspicion of stealing.
Mrs Hickling was fingerprinted and forced to give a DNA sample after accusations that she had kept the football were made by a neighbour.
The case was later dropped after police searched the mother-of-three's home, in Heanor, Derbyshire, and found a lack of evidence, she said.
Derbyshire police refused to comment today on reports that the officer who dealt with the dispute has now been reprimanded.
An IPCC spokesman said: "We received an appeal about this on January 24, which we acknowledged that day, and we just recently received the background papers about the case from Derbyshire Constabulary.
"We are now considering the appeal."
Speaking to the Derby Evening Telegraph in October, Mrs Hickling said: "They just took me in and said I had been arrested on suspicion of theft of a football.
"I had to go and have fingerprints taken and DNA samples taken with a swab in my mouth.
"It just seemed totally bizarre for something like that. It was taking up two police officers on a Friday night while they could be out solving real crimes."
After a 15-minute interview, Mrs Hickling was told she could leave and would hear from police about whether charges would be brought.
Days later, she was informed the Crown Prosecution Service would not be pursuing the case.
However, Mrs Hickling took the matter to the IPCC believing actions taken by the police had been too severe.

Apparently all the other more severe crimes have been solved in the U.K., allowing such resources to be spent on the loss of a 12 dollar ball!!!



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