Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Couple of Google vids to share, the first is of some mountain bikers playing on the built stunts littering Vancouver's "North Shore", THE mecca for serious bikers.

Rally drivers....Doing highway speeds and above on unknown skinny dirt roads, sliding sideways most of the time, with only a navigator and a route map to guide them. These are the "Last Ditch" racing team out of Maine, this is the last time the car ever raced. Watch to find out why(around the 3:20 Mark)...

Silly truck driver... trains ALWAYS win...

A teenager harassed by police in St. Louis, Missouri caught the incident on tape. Brett Darrow, 19, had his video camera rolling last month as he drove his 1997 Maxima, minding his own business. He approached a drunk driving roadblock where he was stopped, detained and threatened with arrest when he declined to enter a conversation with a police officer about his personal travel habits. Now Darrow is considering filing suit against St. Louis County Police.

"I'm scared to drive for fear of being stopped at another checkpoint and arrested while doing nothing illegal," Darrow told TheNewspaper. "We're now guilty until we prove ourselves innocent to these checkpoint officers."

On that late November night, videotape confirms that Darrow had been ordered out of his vehicle after telling a policeman, "I don't wish to discuss my personal life with you, officer." Another officer attempted to move Darrow's car until he realized, "I can't drive stick!" The officer took the opportunity to undertake a thorough search of the interior without probable cause. He found nothing.

When Darrow asked why he was being detained, an officer explained, "If you don't stop running your mouth, we're going to find a reason to lock you up tonight."

The threats ended when Darrow informed officers that they were being recorded. After speaking to a supervisor Darrow was finally released.

"These roadblocks have gotten out of hand," Darrow told TheNewspaper. "If we don't do something about them now, it'll be too late."

The vid... Long and boring, but the transcript is available Here.

Getting stopped and ordering you to show your "papers", then pulling the big bad cop routine if you don't kowtow... I thought this was a "free" country, this sounds more like an Eastern block/communist/secret police state to me, only we do it under the guise of "safety". Goes back to that line between freedom and security.

Finally, it's 1947, you have barrels of Sodium no-one will touch. What to do? Lets dump it in a lake! I think there was only ever one announcer for all the documentary films, that voice might just be the best part of the clip. Oh, and the explosions are nice too. Ignore the teary environmentalist drivel at the end, just enjoy the pretty explosions.

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