Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ever had that " bound-up " feeling? Wised you could swing freely in the wind like our friend here?

Absolution can be found for a relative pittance.

Pics on the site are NSFW...

Advantages per the website...

"In contrast to the boxershort, sacfree® does not appear under light suit trousers.

Clinging slips are heat isolations - sacfree® is different! With its open kind sacfree® ensures particularly on hot summer days for a fresh breeze to your balls. A healthy characteristic, because your testicles keep their natural temperature.

Above all, who works vocationally much in sitting, will appreciate the liberty of sacfree®

sacfree® is offered in cheeky designs

With sacfree® there is something more to see.
A new temptation for touching."


Or, you could just chop the front out of your tighty whities for the same effect.



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