Thursday, May 25, 2006

Those of you unlucky enough to know me or bored enough to have read the archives know I harbour a dirty little secret.....Rollergirls.

A friend became involved in the local league here in Seattle, the Rat City Rollergirls.

We went as moral support, but enjoyed ourselves enough that we're buying tickets regularly. It has the redneck appeal of monster-truck/WWF, but no one's taking themselves too seriously.

P.S., the site above has MANY, better quality pics in the "photos section" than my little digital has captured here, check them out.

We sat trackside, the only protection from having someone land in your lap is a 12 inch high pad. Great for the "being there" feel, but you only really saw 1/2 of every race.

There was a halftime show and everything. The Aerialistas, a troupe of girls specializing in hanging from ropes... I'll stick together a small vid and pop it up later here. Impressive acrobatics.

Fun way to spend an evening with friends.

Our favourite Rollergirl


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