Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This is a Kawasaki ZX-10. Currently the most powerful, most raw 1000cc sportbike out there. A Beast. I like it. A lot. 160 RWHP. Ugly front, fat ugly rear, but a monster motor.

Muzzys, as in Rob Muzzy, is THE tuning/aftermarket Kawasaki specialist. Want to go fast? Get your checkbook and make a call.

This is a turbo kit. For the ZX-10. You can have stage one for 4g's, gives a nice gentle 233 hp from 5 pounds of boost.

Or, for 9 big ones, you get a 500hp thing running 28 pounds of boost.

Nice install. I've never liked the air intakes down low on the kits, though. No muffler necessary as the turbo effectively dampens the exhaust pulses into a much quieter flow. Think how nice your tailsection will look!

Finally, check out the dyno charts for the curves

Want one? Here's the Muzzy's Link.


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