Monday, May 22, 2006

So, I'm in the pharmacy today, picking up a prescription, chatting with the pharmacy tech. I had just awakened, and pulled on the nearest shirt... which happened to be the very one pictured to your left.

I paid, and was turning on my heel to leave, when an older, horn-rimmed lady came from around the stack of cabinets. Obviously the resident pharmacist, she spied my shirt, which I franky had forgotten I was wearing.

" What's the hanging horse for?" she innocently asked. As I was walking out the door, I said, " You have to think about it a little, it's a little rude...".

I heard a giggle come from the (until that moment - very professional) pharmacy tech, and caught a glimpse of her face turning a very warm red as I smiled and left.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is pretty darn funny.

However I can top it, CYEMM wore this shirt to the Rollergirls Derby on Saturday evening. Later that evening I was laughing about this shirt and my sweet wife (who also knows CYEMM) was asking why a horse that committed suicide was so funny. I told her to think it out, and I swear you could see the light bulb turn on as she started laughing and shaking her head.

Now I have to get one of these shirts…

8:21 AM  

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