Sunday, May 28, 2006

The image to your right is the "enhanced" view of lost golf balls as seen through the aptly yet uninterestingly named, " golf ball finding glasses".

The copy-n-paste from the site.....

Put these glasses on and find your golf balls more easily, even when they've fallen into tall grass or shaded woods, so you can spend more time playing and less time searching. These golf-ball finding lenses, which block out 90% of long wavelength light (dark colors such as greens and browns) let shorter wavelength light (such as whites and yellows) pass through unimpeded, so that golf balls are easy to locatesaving you not only time, but penalty strokes as well. Developed in Canada by two nuclear engineers who grew tired of losing golf balls to dense rough, these glasses rely not only on their patented light-selective pigmented lenses, but on the principles of visual physiology as well: when scanning a large area (such as a fairway), many objects that are in plain view dont register to the viewer, simply because of the overwhelming amount of visual information. When the darker hues are filtered out of the field of vision, there are significantly fewer objects for the brain to process, and thus a golf ball stands out even more readily. The technology behind these lenses underwent six years of research and development, and incorporates a plastic resin frame with formfitting wrap-around styling to eliminate peripheral light. Frame is flexible and fits comfortably without pressure points; the lenses are scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Includes durable nylon carrying case for quick access to lenses during play; case clips to belt or golf bag. Not intended for use as sunglasses .


Even though I don't play ( my idea of fun is sliding around on my motorcycle ), the thought of fewer angry golfers driving around out there on Sunday morning is justification enough to bring this to your attention.

Want a pair?


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