Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hey, Want to wheelie? Just hop on your bike, rev it up, and dump the clutch. If it has enough power, it'll lift up the front tire and accelerate away, causing everybody to fall over in amazement at your skill. Or, it'll stall. Or, it'll spin the rear tire, causing you to slew sideways unexpectedly. ETC.

Actually, I just made up the "amazement" part. But, I like to wheelie. I don't know why. I like to wheelie alone, away from busy streets. I like to wheelie coming out of tight hairpin turns. Carrying the front wheel a few inches off the tarmac from a stop is utilizing the maximum amount of traction and power... i.e. - you can accelerate no harder.

I learned to wheelie in the dirt. I fell. A LOT. Then, I fell more. Lots more. Eventually I learned the finer aspects.

There's an easier way, though.

Keith Code, Guru, author of the excellent "Twist of the Wrist" books that every street rider should read, also runs the California Superbike School, a hands on riding school.

He also now runs a wheelie school. OnOneWheel

They use a rotatable "wheelie bar" that can apply the brake and/or cut power at any angle, taking away the dreaded " flip over and body slam you into the ground with the bike landing on top of you " part of learning to wheelie.

Thanks again, Keith.


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