Thursday, May 18, 2006

Film is dead.

While I think this is a good thing, I can't help but be a little sad about the end of an era.

Why do I think film is dying? Read between the lines of this Fuji press release...actually, between the line reading isn't even necessary.

"Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori, hereinafter Fujifilm) announced today that from June 2006 onward, it will implement worldwide price increases for its photosensitive material products.

The rapid digitalization of photography has created harsh market conditions for the photo imaging business. To sustain its photo imaging business, Fujifilm is undertaking intensive structural reforms, but despite efforts to reduce fixed costs and improve productivity, it no longer can absorb the soaring costs of silver, oil and other raw materials.
Thus, it has been forced to revise its pricing as follows:

1. Affected products: Photosensitive materials
2. Effective date: From June 1, 2006 onward
3. Price revision: The prices of main products are expected to increase by 3% to 20%.

Specific details regarding affected products, effective dates, and exact price increases will be decided based on local market conditions.

Media Contact: Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications Division, Public Relations Division
Tel: 81-3-3406-2490
Fujifilm website:
Japanese :
English :"


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