Sunday, April 30, 2006

Killboy's site has some cool shots this week.... A small group of scooters ran through, looks like fun. Imagine you and 3-4 of your buddies running through the curves, throttles pinned, floorboards scraping the tarmac, topping out at just under the speed limit. Admit it, you'd like it.

Look at the concentration on this guy... great lane position, good body position, the sun glinting just right off that orange paint. Nice to see gloves and a fullface, too. Nice pic.

O.K., here how NOT to do it. Dirt tracking a sportster on pavement is not good thing, you can't pick up 500 pounds of sliding Harley with your foot, it's a better idea to stay with the bike, become part of it like his buddy behind him is doing. Little too close, but much better form.

I've posted Killboy's link lots in previous posts, I'm primarily a lazy guy, so if you want more, scroll down a bit and click the link in another post.

About this pic...Nice moves, nice shot. That's all I have to say.