Sunday, July 20, 2008

I think I want one... or two....

X-18 110cc Super Bike

* The X-18 Super Bike is EPA certified and can be registered for street use in most states.
* Equipped with blinkers, electric horn, brake light, and a halogen projector head light.
* Electric and kick start.
* Unleaded fuel (No Mixing Required).
* Front and rear disc braking systems.
* Hand activated clutch just like a real motorcycle.
* Foot activated shifting.
* Racing grade tail pipe.
* A new 4-stroke engine that can race you up to speeds exceeding 50mph and as fast as 65mph after the proper break-in.
* The X18 is one of the most sought after Super Pocket Bikes in the market, combining all the best elements for a perfect pocket bike. It literally tears up the competition and think how jealous all your friends will be.
* Includes tool kit, VIN number, and owners certificate.
* LEGAL in California, (May need mirrors for safety inspection.) check with local DMV in other states.

Want one too?

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