Thursday, August 30, 2007

A good friend and fellow rider told me about these biker- specific comics. If you ride go Here and laugh your butt off for a while. A lot of this is why we wave to fellow riders... we've all done it/seen it/had it happen. If you're not a biker, probably won't get much out of it.
From The site's Bio...

" Hello, my name is Brian Groves. I am 33 years old and I reside in Sellersburg, IN. You can find that with a microscope a few miles north of Louisville, KY. I live with my wife, and my 3 year old step daughter.

As you can tell I have a passion for motorcycles, I have been riding since I was 26. I have owned several motorcycles including a 99 ZX6R and a 2001 R1. I currently have over 42, 000 miles logged on my current bike. It is something I enjoy immensely. If you have or have ever had a motorcycle then I would expect you to understand! I look forward to upcoming track days and any chance I get to go to deals gap. Some like skydiving or rock climbing I like motorcycle riding. "
" I also have a passion for drawing. I have been drawing ever since I can remember. I took every art class available in high school. I even turned my regular classes into art classes by sketching all over paper and notebooks. My parents had it easy when birthdays or Christmas time came. I just wanted more paper and pencils. I do other work other than sketches including but not limited to, air brushing, chalk drawings, acrylic paints, murals, auto paint, ink drawings and any other medium that is available. My favorite however is black and white sketches. "

" One of my first sets of drawings in this series was for group riding signals. The idea came to me after a Sunday afternoon on a group ride with 14 other people. I just sketched them at work the next night, out of boredom. I did not think they would have been such a big hit. I ended up with requests of setting up a site so people could get their daily fix of Sportbike Funnies.

With the help of some great friends I have had the opportunity to bring both of my passions together and draw about the hobbies I enjoy most in my spare time. I hope you enjoy the website we have put together, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think. You are more than welcome to give me other drawing ideas as well. Thank you for your continuing support."

(His other hand signal sketches are on the previously linked site, I found this one on his local riders' page. I think it's the best one...)

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