Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here's an odd idea.... Got a secret? A thought? Too scared to speak it out loud? Have no one to talk to?

Make up a piece of art and mail it in to be anonymously published.

Seems a little pathetic to me, but, hey, pathetic people need love too. Or understanding. Or a hug. Or a kick in the head. Then again, if they got what they needed, they wouldn't be pathetic, would they. What a dilemma.

Anyway, there's a
Website for those of you who have to get your secret out now.

Or, Buy the
Book from Amazon.

Or, (Here's a newsflash...) tell someone. Alternatively, Get over yourself, suck it up and get on with your life. This is a pretty sad commentary on the collective mental health of the general public.


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