Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here's a kid who's going to have issues....

A Bedford couple named their baby son Drew Peacock before realising that it sounded quite rude.

The baby's father, Russell, said he only twigged it when he put it in an Internet search engine looking for famous namesakes, and was asked: "Do you mean Droopy C**k?"

"It was as if I'd been smacked with a right hook. I started repeating 'Drew Peacock' over and over again. Then I thought - what have we done?

"I went numb and couldn't speak for two minutes. Then I couldn't stop laughing."

Mother Shetal Patel had also failed to spot their error despite being a registrar's assistant, says The Sun.

She said: "I thought Russell had seen a ghost when he came away from the computer. We decided on the name a month before he was born - we both loved it straight away."

The couple are now concerned that Drew's name will cause him problems in later life.

Russell said: "People at work are already saying, 'Hey, look there's Droopy's dad'. But we don't want to change his name. It's on his birth certificate and other documents."


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