Monday, May 31, 2010

Found a Russian blog with many pics of a massive "wing in ground" effect seaplane.

Here's Google's translated text...

"In 1987, the water came down "Lun" the first ship of a series of missile-carrying combat WIG weighing 400 tons was the Chief Designer Vladimir Kirillov. Корабль был вооружен тремя парами крылатых ракет 3М80 или 80М "Москит" (НАТОвское обозначение SS-N-22 Sunburn). The ship was armed with three pairs of cruise missile 3M80 or 80M "Mosquito" (the NATO designation SS-N-22 Sunburn). Второй "Лунь" тоже закладывался как ракетоносец, но начавшаяся конверсия внесла свои коррективы, и его планировали достроить как спасательный. The second "Lun" also found a rocket, but the conversion has begun its own changes, and it planned to complete the construction as a rescue. "

Many, many more pics at the Source.

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Amazing high risk mountain trail (6:26)

Where falling would ruin your whole day...

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James Galea (Card Trick) Comedy Festival Gala 2009

Card Trick starts at 1:35

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