Saturday, February 20, 2010

Carpenter Racing, the industry’s leader in motorcycle horsepower enhancement and high-performance component design and development have set their sight on a new project: the Triumph Rocket III.

The Triumph R3 is a heavyweight muscle-touring bike. Think England’s cross between a V-Max and a Valkarie. It has a massive, 2300cc inline 3-clyinder engine producing 120 horsepower and over 130 foot-pounds of torque.

“We saw the big engine and said ‘This monster needs to wake up!’” stated Bob Carpenter.

And wake up it did

The team at Carpenter took the head and applied their signature CNC porting. They then mated it with a custom-ground, aggressive cam, titanium retainers, shim-under tappets and specialized springs. Custom-designed forged aluminum pistons keep the same weight as stock units to retain proper balance but raise the compression to 11.4:1. New clutch springs and a higher volume fuel pump round out the package.

The results are impressive. With stock valves the bike produces an incredible 230+ horsepower to the rear wheel.

“This thing is so strong, at 700 pounds you don’t need 1st gear,” said Carpenter of the prototype machine. “All we basically did was put more fuel in it and let it rev up. The limiter comes in at 5,800 rpm. We had ours up to 9,000.”

“Nobody is beating our Hayabusa's and 1000’s,” he continued. “And nobody is going to beat this bike. We think the Triumph, even with all its mass, will be a contender. We think this bike will give the Hayabusa a run for its money.”

And that is only the beginning. Carpenter already has his eye on the next version.

"At over 700cc a hole this thing is hungry for a big valve,” he said. “When we get serious with this next version I am sure we are going to hit 280 horsepower without making it any bigger.”

For now the 230 package is available. Choose the “Drive-in, Drive-out” and leave Carpenter Racing with a turnkey, tuned motorcycle. For the mail order package send us your head and cams and we will ship it back ready to bolt on along with the other components.

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