Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patti Deni wanted to surprise her teenage son by giving him his own big-screen TV, so while their new home was being built, she contacted Williamsville, NY–based Stereo Advantage with an idea: Instead of mounting the set to the wall, like everyone else does, she suggested having the TV laid flush across the ceiling.

“It was definitely a first for us,” says systems designer Kevin Bohner.

A 98-inch StarGlas60 display from Stewart Filmscreen was chosen for the unusual project.

“Because it’s so big and has such a wide viewing angle, Patty’s son wouldn’t have to lay flat on his back necessary to see the screen,” Bohner explains.

“He and his friends can prop themselves just about anywhere and get a good view,” adds Patty.

In order to support the weight of the display, plus the NEC video projector and the specialty Draper projection mirrors positioned behind it (a total weight of more than 300 pounds), the ceiling had to be reframed and reinforced.

Also, wiring had to be installed to tie the teen’s gaming consoles, laptop computer and cable box to the rear-projection assembly.

Although her son spends plenty of time gaming, Patty says that viewing and editing his own videos is probably her son’s favorite big-screen application—about the only thing that’s typical in this totally unconventional viewing environment.


Yeah.... Editing video.... that's what every teenage boy would use it for.....

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