Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oklahoma trooper’s lawyer says EMT escalated situation

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By Carlos Miller
As the pressure mounts to fire the Oklahoma State Trooper who pulled an ambulance over, then placed a paramedic in a chokehold, the trooper’s attorney said the paramedic had it coming to him.

In a press conference today, attorney Gary James said Trooper Daniel Martin had a legal right to pull the ambulance over because it failed to yield to him as he was speeding by with sirens wailing and emergency lights flashing.

Nevermind the fact that Martin was only using his lights and sirens to pick up his wife for what appears to be nothing but a joyride.

Martin’s attorney also claims that EMT Maurice White escalated the situation by challenging the trooper’s authority, even though the trooper was committing a felony by interfering with the transport of an emergency patient.

And even though the video...

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vividly proves that Martin was the only person escalating the situation.

Meanwhile, a petition to fire Martin created by a Miami librarian and introduced on Photography is Not a Crime has already surpassed 2,000 signatures, even though it’s been less than 48 hours since it was first posted.

The librarian, Theo Karantsalis, also interviewed retired South Florida police officer Glenn Rice in the above video. Rice was the first person to sign the petition. I was the second.

Martin is currently on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation, which is probably why he feels he needs a lawyer because prosecutors have already determined they are not going to file charges against him.

Check out the original video

shot by a family member of the patient.

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