Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Delta, Everybody Else, Officially Fed Up With Foreign Call Centers

Delta Air Lines is the latest company to "repatriate" call center jobs previously outsourced to India. It's not just that the economy is down and fewer people are flying, but more specifically that absolutely everybody hates dealing with foreign call centers.

As Delta chief Richard Anderson succinctly put it: "Customer acceptance of call-center representatives in other countries was low, and our customers are not shy about letting us have that feedback."

United, AT&T, and Sallie Mae all reduced or canceled foreign call centers jobs earlier this year. And as Time reported a while back, even Indians are over their call centers. It's sooo not cool to work there any more — "If you work at a call center today people will think you don't have anything else to do or were a bad student," says one Indian teen.


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