Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey Y'all.

Yes, It's been a while.

A recent death in the family and resultant trip home, atop work, on top of realizing I spend far too much time web surfing, have conspired to keep the blog silent for far too long.

My recent aquisition of a damn Iphone means I can webcrawl anywhere, which allowed me to realize just how much of my life I was spending behind my monitors, reading about others lives.

I also started my first home brew attempt, a copper ale derivative.

Plus, summer's here. Been motorcycling. Not much phototaking, just riding along enjoying the scenery for what it is, not always looking for that shot with an eye toward a blog post.

Also tied in with all this is the recent "Biggest Loser" competition among my co-workers. Sitting and blogging is not condusive to a healthy weight nor lifestyle, I'm using the contest as an initiative to get back to sensible eating and a spur to make me continue to hit the gym on a daily basis. I'm also fairly sure my recent back pain issues can be at least partially attributed to my poor posture hunched here in front of the keyboard.

So, for you, this means although I'll still post up funny/stupid/headshake stuff, my volume of posting will decrease. Hopefully this means a more concentrated product, but as always, there's no guarantees here.

Keep clicking, but get out there and enjoy your own life this summer.

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