Saturday, April 04, 2009

"Absolute, 100% Proof That God Exists!"

Here we go, rock hard evidence that God is real: the fact that when people cuss they a lot of the time use God or Jesus’ name. If God were imaginary atheists wouldn’t cry out His name when they stub their toe.

When someone slams a hammer into their thumb they never say, “Harry ‘h’ Krishna, that hurt” “Mohammad damn it”. And sometimes they cuss with Jesus’ name when they aren’t hurt.

If, in fact, God wasn’t real people wouldn’t curse His name every few minutes.

Further evidence that God is real is the fact that there are some many people trying to prove that He is imaginary. Not only our own little friend on here but throughout the Internet. You almost never see anyone trying to disprove Buddha or one of the 300,000,000 gods of India.

If, in fact, Jehovah wasn’t real there wouldn’t be any one trying to disprove Him.



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