Sunday, April 05, 2009

217 HP Insight - take that, treehuggers....

LHT proudly presents the first real K20 Insight we named “K-Sight”

This project has been under wraps for the last 4 months but is now ready and on it’s way to the NOPI Nationals in Atlanta.

The object was to build this and as OEM as possible, Meaning it’s not a stripped out race car. The LHT way !

We have tried to cover every angle possible so make this a real streetcar. It has AC (Factory climate control), Power steering (Factory electric), ABS, S2000 cluster (100% operating), upgraded braking and suspension and a much stiffer chassis.

We stiffened the whole car by welding extra braces, as well as building a complete sub frame, which ties the whole front together, and course the whole thing is aluminum.
The mounts are Honda OEM mounts from various Honda Vehicles so the car is very smooth with no teeth chattering. In fact you can’t feel it idle in the driver seat.

Now for numbers, with very little tuning the car is making over 200whp with a very quiet exhaust and tied with a JDM 6 speed transmission accelerates like a rocket. The car feels very tight and has great feel due the extra bracing and a custom alignment.

For the gas mileage folks, so far with very little tuning the car has averaged 48mpg with about 60% highway and the rest stop and go. This includes the 7 runs on the dyno. I’m confidant it will break 55+mpg once tuned. With the ability of the Hondata K-Pro we have had the car at 19-1 AF ratio with 40 degree of advance with no issues.


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