Monday, March 23, 2009

Is Air-Drumming Now a Crime?

Metal fan’s air-drumming vid yanked from YouTube for copyright infringement.

I am a huge fan of Suffocation and have been air-drumming this song since the early 90’s. I put a video of me doing it on YouTube and it quickly gained over 3.5 million views. Thousands (millions?) of people have discovered Suffocation’s music because of this video.

Today I noticed that the video has been taken down by YouTube because of a copyright infringement claim by WMG. My guess is the audio was detected by a software program and the video was automatically removed without manual review.

I’m proud of the video. And I’ve heard that the band likes it too. I think it’s in the label’s best interest to keep this video online. If they hired someone to make a music video for this song, it probably wouldn’t have received so many views.

My idea: Either (1) give me a license to use the song, or (2) I am happy to sign away the rights to this video to the band/label/whoever, at no cost. Consider it your music video.

I’m just a fan. I also consider myself the director and performer in what is arguably the most popular death metal music video in history! Lets keep it online. If you know anyone involved with WMG, Roadrunner Records, Suffocation, or the music industry in general, please forward this page to them.

Philip Kaplan


There was a link to the band's most popular video here, but I refuse to post it up and get them more page views.

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