Sunday, March 15, 2009

Deuce™ Dual-Edge Snowboard (DES) Technology

A DES gives you that extra edge and the ability to optimally flex the board that delivers a smooth, controlled ride, even in sub-optimal snow conditions. With more than twice the edge power you’ll have faster and tighter slaloms. It opens up the mountain and your season earlier and later since icy conditions are more manageable.

Just as the combination of geared road and BMX bicycles merged to become the modern mountain bike, our engineers have merged the best of snowboarding and skiing to bring you DES technology in a light and durable package that will have everyone on the mountain asking you about it. With a DES, you get the best of both worlds, the control of two parallel parabolic skis, along with a ride that is like the smooth ecstasy of riding powder on a snowboard.


"Imagine twenty inches of fresh power, the sun shining through the trees, you’re on your board just floating down the mountain, carving those big turns, smooth as a baby’s bottom. There is no finer ride than being on a snowboard on those rare powder days.

Now imagine getting that ride every time out. With a Deuce™ snowboard, you can. With our patent pending dual edge technology you can get that smooth ride on those non-powder days, on the groomed runs and even on those days when it is a little icy. "

Interesting idea. Two edges, like skis. Not a bad.... WHAT?!? Two Thousand Dollars for one! Forget it.

" Good Lord, Thas' a lotta money!"

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