Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fraudulent Male Enhancement Drug Gets Company Founder 25 Yrs.

In Cincinnati, the marketing of a male sexual enhancement product called Enzyte, which reportedly used ads featuring “Smiling Bob,” a happy man with an exaggerated smile (pictured), has led to a whopping jail sentence for the founder of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals.

Today, U.S. District Judge S. Arthur Spiegel sentenced Steve Warshak to 25 years in prison after he was convicted in February on 93 counts of conspiracy, fraud and money laundering. (WorldCom’s Bernie Ebbers got 25 years, while Enron’s Jeff Skilling got 24 years and four months.) Here’s the AP story.

Federal prosecutors accused the company of bilking customers out of $100 million through a series of deceptive ads, manipulated credit card transactions and refusal to accept returns or cancel orders. Judge Spiegel ordered the company, along with other defendants, to forfeit more than $500 million — a figure based on how much Warshak and the company took in.

“This is a case about greed,” Spiegel reportedly said as he reviewed the case. “Steven Warshak preyed on perceived sexual inadequacies of customers.” Spiegel said one aspect of the fraud relied on the reluctance of customers to come forward, which would mean admitting they ordered the sexual enhancement pills.

“I do feel deep remorse and would like to apologize to any customer who ever had a bad experience with my company,” Warshak said. “I apologize to all the great people, the employees of Berkeley — they’ve given their heart and soul. I let them down.”

Spiegel said the company, which will likely be hit with the majority of the forfeiture, will be allowed to remain in business. Spiegel denied Warshak’s request to remain free on bond pending appeal, but gave him 30 days to wrap up personal business and report to prison.

As for Warshak’s mother, Harriet Warshak, Spiegel sentenced her to two years in prison for conspiracy and other charges. The judge is allowing her to remain free pending appeal, acknowledging that she’s 75, has cancer and likely will never be incarcerated because of the time it takes appeals to work through the courts.


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I've post Jeff Dunham's stuff before.... Here he is with Achmed....(10:47)

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Police Fireblade camera-bike spied in North Wales

North Wales Police Fireblade ... note lights either side of the plate

KEEP YOUR eyes peeled for this black, covert Police camera-bike if you're out and about in North Wales.

Dubbed the CopBlade, the machine was patrolling popular biking routes in the area. The CopBlade has a front-mounted camera and discreet blue lights at each end.

The registration of the black Fireblade is currently CX08 VDZ and CX08 VEL for the black and red one.

Of course, we know that bikers take road safety extremely seriously and we look forward to seeing North Wales Police reduce their casualty figures. Many thanks to helluvaquick and TimskiT who sent in these photos.


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These and many more buttons available at....


Very interesting animation. NSFW. (9:08)

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An end to spaghetti power cables

Say goodbye to the tangle of cables and the wall socket and hello to powering up your electronic gizmos wirelessly.

This picture of a world without wires is one long dreamed of and came a step closer following significant progress made by Intel.

It said it has increased the efficiency of a technique for wirelessly powering consumer gadgets and computers.

"The notion of disappearing energy sources is a powerful one," Justin Rattner, Intel technology boss, told the BBC.

"Wouldn't it be fantastic if we didn't think about where the power was coming from and the power was everywhere?" he said. "No cords, no batteries anymore."

Mr Rattner envisaged a scenario where a laptop's battery could be recharged when the machine gets within several feet of a transmit resonator which could be embedded in tables, work surfaces, picture frames and even behind walls.

Intel's technology relies on an idea called magnetic induction. It is a principle similar to the way a trained singer can shatter a glass using their voice; the glass absorbs acoustic energy at its natural frequency.

At the wall socket, power is put into magnetic fields at a transmitting resonator - basically an antenna. The receiving resonator is tuned to efficiently absorb energy from the magnetic field, whereas nearby objects do not.

Light bulb moment

Intel's demonstration has built on work done originally by Marin Soljacic, a physicist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, researcher Alanson Sample showed how to make a 60-watt light bulb glow from an energy source three feet away.

This was achieved with relatively high efficiency, only losing a quarter of the energy it started with.

In early experiments the MIT team lit their light bulb from seven feet away with larger charging coils and scoring an efficiency rate of between 40-45%.

This meant most of the energy did not make it to the light bulb. MIT has since improved its system to 90% efficiency at the three feet range.

'World changing'

Intel has called the system WREL, a wireless resonant energy link while MIT named it WiTricity - a combination of wireless and electricity.

Professor Soljacic, who does not work with Intel, said he was nonetheless pleased that the world's biggest computer chip maker is getting behind the technology.

He told the AP news wire "For me it's like a confirmation that it's so exciting. It's something people would like to have.

"Now the question is if it's feasible or not. It's exciting that they're also inspired and it seems closer to reality every day."

Intel researcher Mr Sample told the BBC, "The next stage we are thinking about is to wirelessly recharge devices like laptops and cell phones so we are shrinking the size of the coils down to the size of laptops.

"The coils would be embedded in a monitor or a picture frame or desk. It's really compelling for the mobile device where you would be able to recharge your device as you enter one of these areas."

"This is a potentially world changing event," said analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group.

"This is the closest we've had to something being commercially available in this class."

Mr Rattner admitted the technology is at least five years away, if not more, of becoming a reality.


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Tim Hawkins - Things you don't say to your wife (1:56)

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Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

The nose . . . blows! Just squeeze or press it and green shower gel oozes out of the right nostril. Gross and funny at the same time! Rubber nose attaches to flat surface with suction cups. Easy to fill; includes 5.3 oz. green shower gel and instructions. 9" high.


Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
Item #: R85103
Price: $17.95

Buy One

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My quasi-regular repost of my picks of the Excellent front page pics over at
Dude, Where's my lane?
Not much room for cooking chicken strips....
I like the MP3's....
Scary Lean.... Get your butt off.
Can You Dig it?...
Beastly 500cc MP3....
That pipe's not stock...
Drifting an expensive toy....
Leaving some chrome offerings to the road gods....
Ummmm - You're doing it wrong...
American Bacon....
I need a sticker like this....
Nope, just paint it green. Really.
Getting his money's worth....
Steering the valk....

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Transform Your Classic Xbox into a Killer Media Center

Don't ditch your classic Xbox just because you can't play Halo 3 on it: nowadays it's easier than ever to transform that old neglected console into a Unix-based media command center. While early Xbox hackers had to pry open the black box to solder on a modchip, today a software exploit lets you replace Microsoft's crippled dashboard and run the incredible, open source Xbox Media Center (XBMC) software. You don't have to be a hardcore gamer or Unix hacker to get your XBMC on. On Tuesday Adam showed you how to reach media nirvana with Windows Media Center and the Xbox 360, but today we're kickin' it old school with a classic Xbox softmod.
Why do you want an Xbox Media Center?
Because underneath your television there's a powerful little black computer gathering dust ever since you finished Halo 2, and it's got a sizable hard drive, fast processor, and most importantly, an ethernet port that can do a hell of a lot more than connect you to Xbox Live. Your modded Xbox running XBMC will be networked with the rest of the computers in your house and let you:

* Play videos, music and photo slideshows located on any shared drive in the house displayed on the television in your living room
* Watch Apple movie trailers, YouTube videos, videos and see RSS newsfeeds dynamically loaded from the internets
* Transfer files to and from your Xbox's hard drive
* Rip DVDs to a shared network drive to play later or backup
* Watch DVDs sans "dongle" (no more DVD Playback Kit required!)

Plus all your games and saved games work as usual (EXCEPT for Xbox Live—see more below.) For more details on file formats and other capabilities, here's exactly what XBMC can do.

Warnings, disclaimers and the main catch: Once you've modded your Xbox you can no longer use Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service. Xbox mods are not endorsed or supported by Microsoft—in fact, they void your warranty—so you do risk bricking your box and winding up the creek without a paddle. That said, I've just softmodded my Xbox using these very instructions so I can vouch for 'em. Finally, this looks like a lot of work but in reality, once you've gathered your hardware and software, the actual modding is very quick. Plus it makes you feel like a freakin' ninja. These instructions don't require you be as smart as Cortana, but you should be comfortable with networking concepts like IP address assignments on your home network, FTP and IRC.

Let's get started.

All the info is Here


Each term in the Fibonacci sequence is derived by adding the two preceding terms:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 …

Remarkably, you can use successive terms to convert miles to kilometers:

8 miles ≈ 13 kilometers
13 miles ≈ 21 kilometers

This works because the two units stand in the golden ratio (to within 0.5 percent).

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Johnson Automotive.... No Badgers

Great series of local car commercials. (3:03)

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So, a close personal friend has this blog. While being American (politics and sports teams) and a little lax on his posting, especially as of late, he recently posted this gem of a tune, I had to steal it. I raise a glass, my friend... got a little something in my eye watching this....

His blog

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7 Things contemporary film-makers could learn from Road House

Possibly the thing I miss most about action movies from the eighties to early nineties. The action is real because those are real cars and buildings blowing up, it doesn’t matter that they used stunt men and pyrotechnics, it really blew up, there is some satisfaction in that at least. With CGI there is none since you don’t always know what really happened and what was altered to look like it really happened. When it’s obvious that it’s all fake then you feel cheated, like the film makers took the easy way out. The satisfaction is in watching the skill it takes to flip a semi or blow up a car, not in generating an animation of it.

Road House was a simple, straightforward movie with buildings having the shit blown out of them and blood pouches and Patrick Swayze knocking some guy off a dirtbike.

2. Real Actors
You didn’t get the feeling that the actors looked down on the script, or were condescending to their audience. Everybody in the movie does their job like it was Oscar-winning material, which, granted, it wasn’t, but they tried. There were no amateurs here either, Sam Elliott, Ben Gazzarra, Kelli Lynch, these are real actors, no Seagals or Van Dammes.

3. Ugly People
Ugly ordinary people. In contemporary movies everybody looks like a model unless they are somebody’s parent (old person role), or the Ugly Best Friend/Sidekick. The henchmen in Road House looked like guys you would see on the street, balding, fat, beefy guys, not people hoping to one day be the next Brad Pitt.

4. Music
One of the cool things about this movie was that it had a character playing music, not just any music, but non-pop, live music that was appropriate to the setting. You don’t see a whole lot of that anymore and these days everything has to appeal to the teens because nobody else watches movies. Hollywood has forgotten how cool it is to have music within the framework of the plot without setting out to make some kind of kiddie-musical.

5. Bars, Bouncers, Muscle Cars, Rural America
Road House is a redneck movie, there is no question about it, it was written and directed by a guy named “Rowdy” for fuck’s sake. Redneck-themed movies do have an appeal, the same way westerns have an appeal. They are a neglected market, catered to almost entirely by the likes of Jeff Foxworthy. No matter how much you despise them, they are one of the last bastions of American manliness. Also, they are amusing to watch, just as novelties.

6. Homemade Feel
This is a B movie, a well done one, but B nonetheless. It feels it was made largely by non-professionals on a small budget and that everybody worked really hard to make it an entertaining watch. A labor of love and community. That alone gets it a certain amount of goodwill in most people’s books. It lacks the pretensions of typical Hollywood fare. You get the feeling that some good ol’ boys decided to make one of them action flicks.

7. A Badass Hero
Swayze stabs a guy and then uses his corpse as a shield from a shotgun blast. Bourne movies aside, that kind of shit just does not get written anymore, and even in the Bourne movies the action is speeded up to where it doesn’t feel as intimate or visceral. Human shielding is not the kind of thing that gets into PG-13 movies and as said before everything now is pretty much “family-friendly”. Good guys don’t stab people anymore, especially not unarmed henchmen. I imagine it’s too graphic or raw, but in my opinion it makes James Dalton a badder ass than any recent Hollywood action protagonist.


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Driving into a sandstorm.....

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Geeky Doorbell concept...

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