Friday, July 04, 2008

Stop the Itching from Mosquito Bites

Hate that itch when you've been bitten by a mosquito? Well I stumbled upon a way to end the itch of a mosquito bite instantly! I hate mosquitos. I hate the awful itch that comes from their bite-even more.

One spring morning I was cleaning my yard and carefully removing any stagnant water from around my potted plants, when I got a nasty bite from a mosquito. I went inside to get rubbing alcohol to put on the bite and some calamine lotion. I located the rubbing alcohol, in the medicine cabinet-but realized I was out of calamine lotion. I put the rubbing alcohol on my skin, and of course - began to scratch the irritated bite area.

Needless to say-that itch can be unbearable and cause the skin around the bite to swell. To make a long story short - after I applied the rubbing alcohol, I put a piece of scotch tape directly on top of the bite and to my surprise - the itch stopped - immediately! I left the tape on for about 4 hours and when I pulled the tape off, I could actually see the poison extract from the mosquito - on the tape. Somehow the adhesive on the tape collected the fluid from the bite and I held the tape up to the light and I could see the tiny penetration hole on the tape from where I was bit.

I have been using tape to end itching form mosquito bites ever since. It's funny how a simple piece of scotch tape can halt an unbearable itch. Apparently, the tape keeps the area around the bite from naturally expanding. After I removed the tape there was no further itching and no black mark left. I put some more rubbing alcohol on the skin after removing the tape. I know it may sound weird, but the next time you get a irritating mosquito insect bite, after you place your antiseptic on the bite-place a piece of scotch tape directly on top of that bite and feel instant relief with no insatiable urge-to scratch!

* Found on the 'net, so I of course take no responsibility for this information, nor have I tried it personally.


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