Friday, July 04, 2008

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship Contests Weigh In, Size Each Other Up

Today's big showdown is set, with reigning Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Champions Joey Chestnut facing off against six-time champ Takeru Kobayashi in the battle of who can devour-and keep down-more hot dogs in 10 minutes. The two, along with other contestants, were weighed in today. Kobayashi is 165 pounds while Chestnut is 230 pounds. Last year, Chestnut set the new world record by eating 66 hot dogs--66 hot dogs equal to about about 14.5 pounds (Kobayashi ate 63 hot dogs, a new personal best for him, equal to 13.8 pounds).

Will the showdown be all the hype has been promising?

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