Monday, July 28, 2008

Anyone else out there losing more and more respect for the police? THEY'RE SUPPOSED to PROTECT us.....

Critical Mass Bicyclist Assaulted by NYPD (1:10)

Another Critical Mass ride, another stunning display of police brutality. Watch as one of New York's finest violently shoves a cyclist off his bicycle, launching him through the air to the curb at 46th street and Seventh Avenue during Friday night's monthly Critical Mass ride.

Although a judge ruled in 2006 that the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rides could proceed without a permit, the NYPD's stance remains somewhat adversarial. Though the city has not been enforcing the controversial parade permit law when it comes to Critical Mass, police have been ticketing cyclists during the ride for such infractions as not having the required lights.

A representative for TIMES UP! tells us that the cyclist in this video was arrested, held for 26 hours, and charged with attempted assault and resisting arrest. One other cyclist was ticketed Friday night for riding outside the bike lane, which is not actually illegal and often necessary, considering how popular bike lanes are for double parking.

The New York Police Department has stripped a police officer of his badge and gun after a video posted on YouTube showed him body-checking a bicyclist who was part of a well-known monthly bike ride through the city.

Witnesses said the incident occurred Friday in Times Square during the Critical Mass ride, a monthly protest of urban reliance on vehicles.

The video shows the cop standing in the street as bikes whiz past. He begins to slowly walk to one side as the cyclist, Richard Vazques, approaches. Vazques appears to veer left to avoid the cop, but the officer seems to speed up his pace and then violently knocks Vazques to the ground in front of crowds of people.

"Critical Mass is a peaceful, nonviolent bicycle ride promoting the use of nonpolluting transportation," said Critical Mass participant Barbara Ross, in a statement. "There is no reason for the police to use such unprovoked violent tactics."

The NYPD placed the unidentified officer on desk duty pending the outcome of a department investigation.

Police could not confirm witnesses' reports that the Vazques was arrested and released 26 hours later.



Finally had to... there's now a "Badcop" tag for my blog. You men in uniform should be proud.


The cop not only is a chunk of trash for bodychecking the cyclist in the first place, he's now blatantly LYING about the incident. Courtesy of,

Pogan offered a fantastical version of the incident. Pogan claimed that Long drove his bicycle directly into him, knocking the cop to the ground and causing "lacerations on deponent's forearm."

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