Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hacking a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

What we will being doing is converting our North American ECU to Euro Specs. The 05 has an exhaust valve to control the flow of exhaust to get the most power possible. However, on US/CDN models they have a thing in there to adjust the valve at high rpm's to decrease the noise, due to US noise regulations. By adjusting this valve to we will hopefully give the bike 10-13hp gains on the top end. This is a free mod, and a 10hp gain for nothing would be amazing! Lets get to working on the bike.

Open the connector up and locate where the black w/yellow stripe wire and aqua w/green stripe wire terminate. You can either stick in a wire jumper to connect these two wire ends together or pull out the appropriate plugs and use proper spade connectors in the cap to complete the circuit. Whatever you do, make sure it's isolated from other wires and the frame or anywhere it could ground on.


The Following data is taken from Bertja's Dyno run.

"Now here in Denver we have no air... we are 5280ft above sealevel. Also it was a cold day and we ran the first dyno run with the bike around 150F shown on the screen.

1st run. Stock 2005 ZX-6RR ran at 2:38:16 PM 92.5 HP
2nd run. ECU wires jumpered ran at 2:39:36 PM 101.7 HP

As you can see... The runs were done VERY close to each other... and this is what we got.

Things to factor.. cold bike first run... so maybe a 4-5 HP gain... But on the dyno chart you can SEE were the bike with stock ECU drops off and heads SOUTH but when the bike is jumpered the chart goes NORTH. The guy running the dyno said he could feel it was stronger. And the numbers show it."

The full page of info Here.


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