Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Awesome: Street-Legal NASCARs, Starting at $50K

I ran across this bunch of furniture made out of stock cars on Born Rich, but digging a little deeper, found that the manufacturer also produces running street-legal NASCARs built to customer specifications. Rock! Mike Burkhardt of American RaceCars and Furniture confirmed over the phone that he picks up old cars from Sprint Cup teams and refurbishes them with all-NASCAR internals, including brand-new 100K-warrantied 358 cubic-inch V8s tuned to Late-Model specifications, which translates to about 600 hp and much greater durability than the hard-running 850+ hp mills used in the Sprint Cup series.

The cars can be fitted with either automatic or standard transmissions, and as many distinctly non-racecar-like creature comforts as the customer can stand (such as a stereo system, or doors that actually open). Some companies have them built as "rolling billboards," allowing them to plaster a stock car with their logo without actually having to sponsor a stock car. Others are hobbyists and professionals who run the cars in local racing series. Either way, I think I need oneā€”and just in time for $4-a-gallon gas!


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