Monday, June 30, 2008

Went on a little spin up and around Mount Ranier yesterday.....

Nice roads, sunshine....

Getting Closer....

Scenery was terrible....

Boring mountaintops everywhere...

All 14,000+ feet... Mt. Ranier from the parking lot....

The blasts of cold air coming off the snowpack and small streams were refreshing in the heat....
Bad time for a slide....

Great riding...

Little vid....

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Watch the International trailer


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Ever been using Google Maps and wished there was a feature where it could use all your monitor area for the "map"??

Now you can...

Click here

You're welcome.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

? Amen??

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Judge Orders Legal Fees in RIAA v Andersen

A federal judge is awarding Tanya Andersen, who defeated the Recording Industry Association of America's file sharing lawsuit, $108,000 in legal fees to compensate for defending herself against the RIAA.

The award, made public Wedesday by U.S. District Judge James A. Redden of Oregon, marks the second time that a target of the RIAA who beat a lawsuit was awarded attorney's fees. In August, a federal judge ordered the RIAA to pay $68,685 in litigation costs to two Oklahoma women whose case was dismissed.

Whether RIAA defendants who successfully defend such suits are automatically entitled to legal fees is on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. The dispute is whether judges must award fees to a prevailing party under the Copyright Act.

Judge Redden ruled (.pdf) that RIAA's arguments against legal fees were "misplaced."

"An award of attorney's fees to the prevailing party are 'the rule rather than the exception' under the Copyright Act, and 'should be awarded routinely,'" Redden wrote.

The RIAA dropped the case against Andersen last year after concluding her hard drive didn't contain purloined music tracks. The RIAA initially claimed a Kazaa shared directory that linked to her internet-protocol address was unlawfully distributing thousands of songs.

In response to the lawsuit against her, Andersen has countersued the RIAA in a case seeking class-action status to represent what her attorneys say is thousands of persons wrongly sued by the RIAA. That case has been dismissed three times, and its fourth try is pending.

Andersen attorney Lory Lybeck requested $300,000 and the RIAA suggested $30,000 was more appropriate. The award is upwards of $190 a hour.

The RIAA has sued more than 20,000 people for copyright infringement.


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Space Craft Mfg.

Custom Built for
YOUR Way of Life!

Especially when it comes to your home and your home away from home. Isn't it about time your trailer fit your lifestyle instead of trying to fit your lifestyle to your trailer? We'll build your trailer the way you want it, and you will be proud of owning the finest home on the road! We'll use only the finest, most durable materials so that you can spend your time doing what you want to do and not "fixing" the trailer.
Come on in and see what we've built for other people with discriminating taste, just like yours.

Hey Bubba, what's the mileage like on that there mobile home?


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Liquid Cocaine

1/2 oz Bacardi 151 rum
1/2 oz Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps
1/2 oz Jagermeister herbal liqueur


Group says pot would calm "air rage"

SAFER wants cops to allow marijuana smoking at airport

DENVER (KWGN) — A series of "air rage" incidents on flights diverted to Denver has a local organization suggesting passengers smoke marijuana to relax prior to flying.

SAFER, Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation, which got a ballot initiative passed to make enforcing marijuana laws the lowest legal priority in Denver, is now pushing to allow passengers to get high before they fly. But since the FAA oversees the airport and smoking pot is against federal laws, the idea has some people scratching their heads wondering how it would work.

SAFER members aren't mapping out the legal landmines. Instead, they just say that the smoking lounge, outside of security at Denver International Airport, falls under Denver Police jurisdiction. And since the new city ordinance was enacted, all penalties for adult marijuana possession have been removed. So they think adults should be allowed to smoke either marijuana or cigarettes in the airport's smoking lounge.

SAFER Executive Director Mason Tavert says lighting up a joint to mellow-out before a flight is far less dangerous than getting liquored-up, pointing to last week's case of air rage here in Denver, "A woman became so belligerent that she broke through her plastic handcuffs and punched a flight attendant in the face. This madness has got to stop. And we're providing a very viable solution."



Darwin Award candidate.....

Six Hurt After Petroleum Tank Explosion

SANTA PAULA, Calif. (AP) ― Six people are hospitalized after an explosion caused by a farmworker using a torch to remove the lid from a 55-gallon petroleum drum in Santa Paula.

Ventura County Fire Department spokesman Bill Nash says three people were hospitalized in critical condition and three others, including a 4-year-old girl, had moderate injuries after Sunday's explosion.

Witnesses say all the victims were standing near the tank when it exploded.


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A recent post on a local riders forum asked for some "leaned over" pics... here's a few submissions.....


I really thought this wasn't going to end well....(0:23)


Another Best of Craigslist gem....


For the longest time, I have admired the dynamic between this cross species couple. But then, sometime during the 80s, a commercial for the Muppets: Live on Stage added a new dimension. In it, a stretch limousine was pulling up in front of a theater. A footman opened the door, and a shapely, rather thick leg stepped onto the red carpet. As the rest of the form followed, it was revealed that it belonged to a woman wearing a full bodied Miss Piggy costume under an alluring evening dress. AND I WANTED HER. And, to be quite honest, I've never stopped.

Some time ago, I found an original full head rubber Miss Piggy mask, circa 1977, complete with a full head of long blond hair. I am looking for a tall, sexy BBW, preferably over 300 pounds, to wear this mask to bed. She should also be open to playing with plastic wrap and liquid latex. Blonde is best, I suppose, but not necessary. Who knows – for the right woman I might just get a green rubber suit and a Kermit mask.

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Some recent silliness from


Any news story that closes with the phrase "skidmark in the library" bears reading....

Dougie Lampkin rides through Goodwood House

Dougie Lampkin, the 12-times world trials champion, takes us on a tour of Goodwood House on his motorbike to promote the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

He has been the motorbike trials world champion twelve times, negotiating rocky hillsides and precipitous stadium courses that would defeat a gifted mountain goat, with or without motorized assistance.

He has never previously had to ride his bike around, through and on top of a stately home, but a call from the Earl of March, asking for assistance in promoting the Goodwood Festival of Speed, proved irresistible.

The result is a cross between Jeeves in the Offing and the Wild Bunch, but the housekeeping department at Goodwood reports no more serious damage than a skidmark in the library.

Cool video Here


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From the impressive site

Project Indigo (working title): Design of a vertical seaside metropolis

In december 2007 I sketched around a single theme for a while as a personal side project. I tried to envision what a huge -vertical- seaside city would look like in a world were dry land is very precious. This city would be situated on a huge pillar in a 'cavity' in the sea; possibly an inactive volcano crater of some sorts. I assumed a level of technology of western European countries around the seventeenth century. Naturally I had to take some huge liberties with the actual mechanical possibilities of these constraints to make a city in a hole in the sea work, not to mention a vertical city.

As far as technique was concerned, I was not interested in creating pretty pictures, but I wanted to present a more or less solid approach to the theme described above.

My principle idea for this city came down to a (somewhat) harmonious society with huge differences in standards of living. Because flat ground is so expensive, only the super-rich can afford to live on top of the pillar, where the climate is nice and sun-hours are plentiful.

As one descends into the pit, the hours the houses are exposed to direct sunlight daily decrease, making house prices lower, which is why the poorest groups of society live at the bottom of the pit. However, people are not neccessarily unhappy at the bottom, there are still children playing in the water, etc. While there is crime (and more of it in the poorer/lower districts) it's a time of peace, not war.

It'd make an excellent movie set.


Is a Honda Ruckus. 50cc of stripped-down scooter goodness. Usually used for about town trips, light commuting, etc. Wan did something different.....

Hi guys~

my name is Wan

I'm from Seoul, South Korea

I want to cross the U.S with Ruckus

For this trip, I worked at the restaurant in Seoul for 1year to make money.

Finally I got the Ruckus today!

and all other things are prepared (camping stuff)

I will start on Next Monday

I'm Fayetteville, N.C now

my plan is

Fayetteville, NC -> Charleston SC -> Savannah GA ->

Jacksonville, FL -> Orlando, FL -> Miami, FL -> Tempa, FL ->

Tallahassee, FL -> New orleans, LA -> Houston, TX -> Austin, TX ->

El paso, Tx, -> Phoenix, AZ , -> Las veas, NV, -> Los angeles, Ca

It will take 3months or more

I know the US is huge and Ruckus is small

I need you guys' supports

I don't have any friend in the U.S yet

Please cheer to me

Thank you~

He did it.

The link to over 100 pages of pics, narration, and forum posts....


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