Monday, April 14, 2008

40 inch rims on a Regal called Donkey Kong — you see what they did there? We're practically speechless, this is certainly a sign of the end times so we feel there should be commentary here, but on what? Where do you even start? Our cup of questions overflows. Maybe start with where does one get wheels like that? And how do you even install tires that big? Can they be balanced? Is the car equipped with an air suspension and if so, does the car get even taller, or does it settle down for easy entry? What does a roll center look like on a car that tall? Does Ackerman steering still apply? Have they accounted for all of the first and second order harmonics in the damping? These are all things we need to know!

Above the sheer mechanics of the thing, why bestow a creation this astounding with a name so lost in a sea of online Nintendo fanboyism? If you roll on true double dubs would you not want the world to know? We understand the joke, but seriously, why not "Donkosaurus Rex" or "MegaDonk-o-tron" or "40": A Donk Odyssey"? Nonetheless, we are duly impressed by this mastery of all things Donk. It's supposedly the work of 1USAMotorsports but we couldn't find reference. If you know more about this Hotlanta based ride do let us know, we are intrigued.
The video....(2:58)


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