Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The EasyClean Paintbrush isn't just good. It's GREAT! It has solid, tapered polyester bristles that hold plenty of paint and leave a great finish.

It is also GOOD for the environment! We don't claim to change the world, but here are some cool facts:

Our brush cleans up with less water. Some people report using just 1/4 of the water to clean the brush and it gets cleaner than any other brush on the market.

When your brush is completely clean, you don't throw it away! Hundreds of thousands of brushes get dumped because they became unusable. Our brush gets completely clean and is always ready for the next great project.

The easiest and fastest way to clean the brush is to simply attach a garden hose and gently turn on the water. Massage the bristles, and in less than a minute the EasyClean Paintbrush is completely clean.

No hose or just too cold outside? Many homes have a utility sink faucet that has garden hose threads on it. You can simply screw the handle of the brush onto the threads on the faucet, and gently turn the faucet on.

No hose or utility sink faucet? No problem. The brush is easily cleaned by simply holding it under any faucet and running water through the open handle. It sometimes takes a little longer, but your brush has never been cleaner!




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