Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NEW Razorba® War Hammer™ Now On Sale!

The Razorba is the patented Back Hair Shaver™ that holds your favorite razor, ergonomically designed and tested by men with back hair. It solves the problem of back hair by letting you shave at your convenience, any time you need to. It works with any standard razors. It's quick and easy to insert or remove a razor. To use, simply insert a razor into the Razorba, apply shaving cream and shave. The Razorba really works.

Made from Super Shock™ high impact material. The Razorba was tirelessly developed to allow easy shaving of your back. With the Razorba you get:

- Fast & convenient back hair shaving
- Do it yourself!
- No pain
- No embarrassment
- Problem solved

Not available in stores. Sold direct from the inventor to you.

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