Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't haul away snow, melt it....

Snow Dragon™ SND900 is designed for use at strip malls, schools, parking lots and is ideally configured for landscapers and contractors. This rugged unit economically melts 240 cubic yards of snow per hour and is commercially fabricated on a tri-axle trailer, so you can go to the snow with a one-ton truck. The SND900 is easy to operate. Even the control panel is fabricated into the door, making it accessible from the outside.


* 240 cubic yard rated capacity per hour
* Burner output at 9,000,000 btu/hr
* No2 Fuel Oil or Diesel Fuel Type for mobile units, Natural Gas available for stationary models.
* Fuel consumption of 40-60 gallons/hr (max)
* Fuel storage capacity of 550 US gallons
* Measures 25' long x 100" wide x 7'4" high

Or, the beast....


The SND5400 is designed for the airport market and other large-scale users. It economically melts up to 1440 cubic yards of snow per hour, based on a snow density of 30 lbs per cubic foot. The SND5400 has been engineered for low maintenance and ease of operation. If one of the six 9,000,000 BTU/hr burners should go down during operation, the Snow Dragon™ will continue to melt snow, even while maintenance is being performed on the shut down burner. The melting hopper is 32' long with an 18' active area for dumping snow. The SND5400 is available as a mobile unit powered by diesel fuel, or as a stationary unit fueled by diesel oil or natural gas. With the Snow Dragon™ SND5400, you eliminate the security risks associated with hauling snow from the airport property.


* Up to 1440 cubic yard rated capacity per hour
* No 2 Fuel Oil or Diesel Fuel Type for mobile units, Natural Gas available for stationary units
* Fuel storage capacity of 3,000 US gallons
* Burner Output at 54,000,000 btu/hr
* Measures 68' long x 11'6" wide x 12'4" high

54million BTU/HR!!?!?!
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