Sunday, January 27, 2008

Went for a ride today. The sun was shining, I felt good from a gym visit earlier, and most importantly, I'd found some time and ambition to add heat to my bike last evening.

The thermometer read 32degrees, the roads around Seattle were clear. I pointed the bike east, trying to escape the hordes of city drivers clogging the lanes, looking for a gently curving road. The heater wires buried in my jacket liner were doing their job wonderfully, allowing my core to stay warm and therefore continue to pump warm blood down to my extremities. Nice. I have a full set(socks, pants, jacket, gloves) of heated gear for my cruiser, but it's alternator throws out 550 watts or so, to my sportbike's measly...well, honestly I don't know. But I figured a high beam pulls 55 watts, the liner is rated at 44, so as long as I left the high beam off I should be ok. I was.

As I got to the higher elevations, though, the roads were increasingly wet with rain and de-icer solution, which accumulates everywhere, quickly fogging a visor with cloudy, easily smeared goo. Not good. I put off my camcorder trial.

Earlier I'd bought a small HD camcorder to begin filming my exploits, and although you can see the mount coming off the left mirror, I didn't want to get a new camera all nasty on it's shakedown run. So, the video will have to wait.

Got back home just as the sun was setting, revitalized by even a short,wet ride. Heat is Good.

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