Monday, December 03, 2007

Went to the Seattle International bike show. Only took a few pics. Why? I wasn't that impressed. Triumph was absent. The only 1000cc sportbike I wanted to swing a leg over, the zx-10, was up on a rotating pedestal, roped off. Few nice customs, the ones that were there were not new to me, just the in-the-flesh versions of the magazine articles. Not many vendors, and they were all packed tightly into the back room. Uninterested spokespeople. The Buell guys were good, and a KTM rep was enthusiastic, but the big four... nada. Too many quads.( The four wheelers - not the people!). A LONG line to get tickets from the understaffed ticket booth. Ducati walling off their floor space to create a tightly-packed space with but one entrance, and "unveiling" the bikes. Come-on, I'm not 12. Don't try sell me the glitter,show me your bikes.
We wandered around, hopping on the bikes, ( above is the "from the saddle" view out over the Suzuki B-King's ginormous tank - what a beast!) taking to people. My bud has a Buell, we chatted about the new 1125. I like. Comfy.

This is the Rooke custom you've probably seen 20 times before.

Final thoughts? Boring. I liked the Superduke, but my license wouldn't. I guess my current stable will remain, well, stable.

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